Google Ads tips. How to create new Ad Groups?

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The simplest question about how to manage Google Ads campaigns nobody thinks of in the first place.

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Have you ever freaked out about looking for the answer to a question that no one has answered yet?

It happens every day because even videos on YouTube with tons of views often assume that the audience knows the answer or that even Google’s support pages comprehensively answer the simplest queries.

You don’t care why this happens when you are in a hurry and looking for a quick answer.

And there is no ChaGPT that holds! Not even AI knows the answer because everyone takes it for granted.

It happened to me recently so I decided to give a simple, fast, and effective answer to a question still hidden from Google SERPs.

Precisely because I’m not a Google Ads super expert, I want to help those in the same condition and spare them a few cents in their quest for conversions.

It rarely happens because Google Ads has become more and more complicated and more importantly it requires an enormous amount of skills and time because campaigns need to be monitored and the results tracked on a daily basis.

Only a daily and constant check allows you to know how Google Ads works, which advice you have to follow and which you don’t because they seem to serve only Google’s purposes, and above all which skills you need to acquire to manage a customer acquisition campaign with Google Ads from scratch. And there are many of them and none should be taken for granted.

So let’s go back to the question that doesn’t have an immediate answer.

I’m going to use some sentences hoping that Google understands that they are all equally important and shows them to those who really need the answer.

  • How to create new ad groups in Google Ads?
  • How to create new ad groups for a Google Ads campaign?
  • Can you create new ad groups for an unpublished campaign?

The simple and direct answer is:

You can’t add new ad groups to a Google Ads campaign if the campaign hasn’t run.

That said, new ad groups can only be added to campaigns running in Google Ads.

In other words, a draft means it’s not finalized, so you can create the campaign and immediately pause it.

Then you should be able to add more ad groups from the menu on the left of the browser window.

You don’t have to pause it immediately because Google takes time to check the whole campaign, titles, descriptions, sitelinks, CTAs, links, and keywords.

Then you have plenty of time to create new ad groups even if the campaign is running.

How many Ad groups should I create if I have tens of keywords?

99% of the content on Google SERPs is about how to create and monitor campaigns while nobody tells you that you must publish a search campaign then you can create Ad Groups.

Instead, Google suggests that even a single ad group is enough! WRONG!

More Ad Groups let you use more keywords (the suggested max is 20 for each Ad group). Beware of Google's advice to add more and more keywords.

That’s how you can split your long list of keywords by specifically targeted subjects.

One more tip before leaving: don’t forget negative keywords and branded keywords if you are a professional or business.

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