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No clients no businesses, no business no clients. Buddha’s teachings in the times of the great distress.

“This is like this, therefore that is like that. And that is like that because this is like this.”

This is called dependent co-arising.

Why wholehearted listening is the new “Marketing Strategies that work”.

Long before this pandemic became a source of anguish and stress for millions of people and especially now, many individuals debate on the meaning of “listening with care” and how to do it in the best way to get the attention of the other and the best results when it comes to business or training courses.

Several techniques of the perfect listener are being put under the spotlight, how mirroring must be put into practice so that the potential customer believes us to be more similar to her, that’s how we can better relate to the individual we have decided will be our next victim.

By the way, mirroring isn’t exactly like the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”.

The purpose of all this knowledge of customer’s body language and all the paraphernalia of communication strategies is to put to work the sales techniques learned in the mind-blowing seminar worth some thousand bucks named “How to become Successful Sellers — that is — sales profs don’t take prisoners”!

Things work a bit differently in my humble opinion.

Listening to those in front of us totally open-hearted is the least we can and must do to practice one of the most important lessons that Mindful Marketing teaches us:

The first and foremost “thing” in the whole universe is the person in front of you.

At any time of our day, of our life, when we are at the supermarket checkout, at the airport check-in, or on the bus or any other means of transportation and we’re packed like sardines in a tin box, when we are queueing at the post office and right before us, shielded by the glass, there is this middle-aged woman, with weary eyes, an empty gaze, visibly unhappy, unsatisfied and anxious because she is looking forward to finishing her shift and go home, take off her shoes, curse someone aloud and lie down on the sofa with a glass of wine as not to think of the hundreds of faces she saw for the umpteenth day and that barked at her because she wasn’t fast enough, kind enough, smart enough, experienced enough in her tasks.

And ultimately but without saying it aloud, because she wasn’t pretty enough and actually she was overweight (I know, I know what you’re thinking, that word of three letters starting with “f” remember not to talk at random) and sweating like a witch facing the Holy Inquisition.

What’s all this fuss about listening?

Just hand over the contract to the customer, tell him a few words which put him at ease and assure him he’s in good hands and it’s a done deal! After all … people are stupid, they can buy anything you can persuade them they need to look cool, look richer and smarter and make their family life less stressful. Ops, I didn’t mention all the products sex and love related! They are an easy sell under all latitudes to both men and ladies!

Only these few lines, before the fuss stuff, make us understand how fundamental it is to listen with open heart, with the intention to let the person, aka contact or potential client, in front of us enter into our heart and to let her open her heart to let us in so that we can to become one entity and communicate with perfect and mutual understanding.

Because no company exists if there is no customer and no customer exists if there is no company.

Because there’s no listener if there is nobody who speaks openheartedly and there’s no speaker without an honest and mindful listener.



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