The curse of being creative

Having a creative mind isn’t enough: more skills come into play.

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Absolutely, despite common belief even electricians and plumbers can carry out the same task in different ways, hence they’ve got some options to choose from and this opportunity must set creativity going plus some other characteristics.

In such a hyper crowded predicament do you really believe that creativity alone can drag into your shop all the clients you need to be profitable?

Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash

Excellent quality and attention to details of your products or services aren’t mentioned since I take them for granted! Which means your business MUST no longer be product-centric.

That’s why knowing how to read a balance sheet in order to make strategic decisions is the key to run a business as a wise entrepreneur.

The curse of the creative mind is this: just one life and too many things to do.



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