The curse of being creative

Having a creative mind isn’t enough: more skills come into play.

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To begin with, here’s a list of types of craftworks.

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The new toolbox for modern solopreneurs

  1. business and financial management — your main path to success as a business owner;
  2. sales management — together with previous point 1 the easiest way to increase your revenue and profitability although the second most important areas to master as a business owner;
  3. marketing — chiefly web marketing — the third priority, learning how to segment types of audience and how to create cost-effective marketing materials and strategies to position a business inside the audience’s mind;
  4. writing and communication skills — every entrepreneur needs to know how to write a business model, a business plan, a sale letter or a thank you message.

That’s why knowing how to read a balance sheet in order to make strategic decisions is the key to run a business as a wise entrepreneur.

Now let me figure out more jobs which are signs of the times and require creativity as if there was no tomorrow.

Last but not least here are the 7 most requested jobs in the future.

  1. community manager
  2. digital PR
  3. digital strategist
  4. e-reputation manager
  5. SEO specialist
  6. web analyst
  7. web content editor.

Why having a creative mind can be a curse then?

  • you should be brave: global markets are like shark aquariums, fight or flight is the norm;
  • you should be brave plus cultivate compassion: when you love yourself you love everybody, starting from the people you want to serve;
  • you should be consistent with your spark of genius and follow your vision without being affected by negative people trying to put you off;
  • you should know thyself: one of the Delphic maxims which fuels great minds and courageous individuals because when you know your “self” you know mankind, its dreams, problems and latent potential but mostly you understand people’s heart;
  • you should be cautious to avoid making mistakes caused by the wish to make your dreams come true;
  • you should be bold to avoid being held by excessive fears;
  • you should let the creativity flow without letting it drive your projects, pick one and carry it out then pick the next and go ahead or choose the project of a lifetime and fulfil it with all your energy and passion.

The curse of the creative mind is this: just one life and too many things to do.




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