The footprints we leave in the lives of others.

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Instead, whenever we share something about ourselves with others, individuals who over the years became “friends”, even if we never hugged them, even if we never shook hands with them, even if we never dried their tears or shared big laughter, even if we haven’t spent time having shenanigans at the pub, every time we leave signs in their hearts.

Many don’t say goodbye or “Sorry gotta go” or “Talk to you soon” at the end of a virtual conversation. They simply leave then they reappear the following day as if nothing had happened.

On the contrary, many things occur to the lives of others while we are cooking, working online or browsing Netflix.

We must know that every time we start virtual knowledge, we leave a trace, even a small one, in the lives of others. Sometimes they are waves of laughter while some other times it’s just a bunch of old sad moments we shared.

Sometimes initially we give the chance to unknown fellows to walk a mile in our mocassins. We feel we are drawn to someone unusually compassionate; we feel a deep soulful connection with a stranger. So we know we can trust and share. Some other times something recalls us not to share pearls with pigs.

And when our lives suddenly change, people who love us and care about us must be made aware of what is happening to us.

Because every time we share the moments of our life with someone it is like visiting a friend; we get there carrying a backpack full of things we picked up from home such as photographs, puppets, books, candies, old records, objects which little by little we start scattering here and there in our mate’s home.

We leave footprints in the hearts of others. Even when we have never met them in person, we leave marks, sometimes very deep, in the hearts of others and when suddenly we stop writing messages on Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram, people wonder where the hell we ended up, yes, they worry about us, about our health, they wonder why we did not tell what was happening to us.

We always leave footprints in the hearts of others. Like muddy shoes on the house floor. Footprints that many decide to quickly clean not to suffer. Again. Others let those footprints stay visible because they love us, care about us, feel compassion for us and only want to see us happy.

Because we cannot build our happiness on everybody else’s anguish.




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Marino Baccarini

Marino Baccarini

Mindful Marketing & Brand Positioning

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