The secret is to believe

Marino Baccarini
4 min readMay 1, 2021

Have faith, be true to yourself, trust yourself. Everything can be said with one word. Believe!

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People look for loopholes to get what they want from university degrees to a fit body, from money to their dream job.

Trying to chase their mirages, people search for a quick makeshift to win and show the world they made it!

From personal experience, the price I paid for every little or big thing I got was sacrifices, sweat and tears and hard work, hard work and again work. And it’s not over, yet.

I’m not here to tell you that you have to spit blood to achieve the tiniest outcome but certainly, you should always work to reach for the stars.

Just remember this:

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

The secret is to believe.

To believe in yourself.

To believe in your abilities.

To believe in your talent.

To believe in your passions.

To believe in what you have personally experienced has allowed you to achieve the results you expected.

To believe in the knowledge you acquired so far.

To believe that what you know today is enough.

To believe that tomorrow you will know more and better and this will allow you to do more and better.

To believe another life is possible because life is you.

To believe that living in another dimension is possible because you create your dimension.

To believe you can create a world of your own different from the one you have lived in until today.

To believe you can be better than the one you have been taught to believe you are.

To believe you can forgive all the harm that has been inflicted on you.

To believe you have the courage and humility to ask for forgiveness for all the hurt and pain you have caused.

To believe you can change what makes you suffer, unhappy or unsatisfied.

To believe you have the ability to distinguish what to keep and what to change about yourself, both outwardly and inwardly.

Firmly, strongly, relentlessly believe you can do whatever you want, according to the conditions of your body.

Believe you can heal or improve specific functions or parts of your body according to its present condition.

To believe you can decide which thoughts to accept and which ones to reject and stop thinking.

To believe you can decide which words to use and which ones you want to stop using.

To believe in all the teachings, books, opinions then investigate and, often, contradict them all to find the only truth that applies to yourself.

To believe you can get out of the state of ignorance which is the cause of your unhappiness.

To believe that your true “me” lives within you and that only you can decide when to allow it to take the place of the false “me” you are today.

To believe you can be the adult “you really are” and stop thinking and talking like the obedient child you once have been. What applied to you as a kid doesn’t always work for you as an adult.

To believe that in every moment of your day, you create with your thoughts and words what will happen the next moment and tomorrow.

To believe that every moment you choose your day and your tomorrow and that no one can do it for you if you don’t permit them to do so.


Ultimately, there’s a more enjoyable and less tiring way to achieve everything.

When you fervently believe you can achieve what you want, suddenly you realize even the most burdensome tasks become easy, pleasant, you enjoy doing what you are doing and everything becomes enlightened from a dazzling light: it’s the light of your passion that makes you work like a donkey without complaining or regretting your choices.

It’s because of the love you convey to making things you deeply want and love.

Put all your passion into what you do and believe you can achieve everything. And even climbing the grandest mountain will become a walk in the park!

Would you like a piece of final advice from my experience?

Everyone can start a personal transformation project. Everyone can try creating something new for themselves. Anyone can initiate a project of any kind. Not everyone holds out until the end.

Hold your goal in the secret of your heart and wait until the end when you can say “I did it!”

I’ve got a challenge for you. Try to start something like learning to play tennis.

Now and then share your progression with friends and family. Then check out their feedback and most importantly how you feel about it.

How many of them are really supportive? How many of them raise you up and who is shaking their heads showing mistrust?

At the same time start another modest project, keep your mouth shut, don’t tell anyone, not even your dearest friend, wife or husband.

Then describe to them what you achieved: “Look! I started 2 months ago, and this is the outcome!”

How do you think you’re going to feel? A completely distinct feeling, isn’t it?

Now you got enthusiastic feedback and wow, you did a great job! How did you make it? Everybody wants to know how… so that they can think of a “me-too” kind of goal.

Don’t give up because the game is too long, too boring, too tiring, too demanding. BELIEVE!



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